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There are many different entrepreneurship blogs to listen to. Here, I break down my top four blogs that I think every entrepreneur should listen to.

Entrepreneur On Fire

Entrepreneur On Fire is the story of James Lee Dumas. James is an inspiring podcast host. The podcast puts out content seven days a week interviewing successful entrepreneurs and having them tell their stories of how they got where they are. James’ website has additional content for listeners interested in becoming a member of the “Fire Nation.” James has created a cult following of success seeking individuals and strived to better his listeners and help them reach their goals.

The Entrepreneurs Library

The Entrepreneurs Library is founded by Wade Danielson. Wade stepped away from corporate America at age 26 and made it his mission to build his own business from the ground up. Since then he has successfully started several businesses and making them into multi-million corporations. In making these businesses, Wade discovered a way to relay his message to a hungry audience through a podcast. Combining his love for books and his new podcast, Wade set out on a mission. The Entrepreneurs Library reviews books written for entrepreneurs and success seeking individuals. Wade takes hidden gems and award-winning novels and breaks them down into more palatable pieces for the average Joe.

Social Triggers

A more well-known blog. Social Triggers was founded by entrepreneur Derek Halpern. Derek is using his expertise as a marketer and entrepreneur to help people develop their business and attract more customers. His expertise in marketing has aided him in creating profitable websites in specific niches such as fashion and entertainment. He has regularly been reviewed by too level news and business blogs such as The Huffington Post, and Forbes. Derek’s tips on content and marketing can help any entrepreneur on any skill level better themselves and their goals.

Think Entrepreneurship

Think Entrepreneurship is the story of Pete Sveen. Pete is a blogger, youtuber, handyman, and outdoorsman all in one. Pete’s journey is an enticing one. Upon graduation, Pete took all his belongings and moved to Montana to be close to family and the mountains. In Montana Pete started a custom screen printing business. He quickly experiences burnout and sought alternatives to his business. While interviewing other entrepreneurs, Pete learned skills about turning a profit with websites. With this new found skill Pete created a powerful online presence. Now, Pete partakes in four businesses including a youtube channel dedicated to teaching people how to make things from wood, steel, and concrete. Pete is a prime example of someone who has learned the hard way and been able to come out doing what he loves without the burnout!