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Tom Leydiker

Full Bio

Tom attended Lubin School of Business at Pace University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree focused in Finance in 2002. He joined Citibank that same year in order to pursue a leadership development opportunity via the Management Associate Program. Tom quickly worked his way up, first serving as a Relationship Manager in Commercial Lending and then in Business Banking. Tom concluded his tenure at Citibank as a Branch Manager in 2005.

For the next three years Tom held an executive role at a privately held residential mortgage lending company. As President and CEO of Continental Funding, he oversaw a total of nearly $2 billion in funded loans.

In 2008 Tom Leydiker co-founded a company providing debt relief services such as debt management, settlement, and consolidation. Since then Tom has worked to build the company up as a premier resource in the financial services industry, able to provide expert guidance and assistance to anyone who needs help managing their debt. The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has received rave reviews from a variety of consumers. Tom and his colleagues bring over a decade of combined experience in the debt consolidation industry, and they are dedicated to delivering high-quality services to their clients every day.

Outside of his long career in financial services, Tom consistently seeks opportunities to give back to local, national, and international communities. He considers his past volunteer work as some of the most fulfilling work he has done. He also recently created the Tom Leydiker Foundation and plans to utilize the organization to donate and provide support to important philanthropic causes around the world. While he cherishes opportunities across a variety of sectors, he is particularly passionate about supporting at-risk children in terms of education, resources, and overall support from their communities.

Tom Leydiker holds numerous board and advisor roles for companies spanning such diverse industries as digital design and development, cloud computing, marine conservation efforts and more. He frequently attends conferences, exhibits, and other professional events that allow him to network and share ideas with industry-leading innovators.