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Some of the most successful entrepreneurs started from nothing and got to where they are today. These entrepreneurs had a drive in them to become more than what they were given. The entrepreneurs in this article should serve as a reminder that anything is possible even in the worst of circumstances.


Oprah Winfrey


Oprah is currently a multi-billionaire with a wide arrange of platforms and businesses that reach an enormous audience. Winfrey was born in Mississippi to an extremely poor family. After enduring multiple traumatizing events in her life, she earned a scholarship to Tennessee State University. At nineteen years old Oprah became the first African-American correspondent in the state of Tennessee. Later, Winfrey moved to Chicago to expand her career on AM radio and soon earned her own daytime talk show – The Oprah Winfrey Show. The show was extremely successful and launched Winfrey to stardom.


J.K Rowling


Many people who do not read books often may still know J.K Rowling. Rowling is the author of one of the most successful book franchises in the world. The books came along with a few other perks as well. The rise in popularity of the series gave way to an enormous theme park and eight successful movies. Rowling did not do this in the lap of luxury. She struggled as a single mother, pitching her book ideas to publishers. One publisher decided to take a risk on the unknown writer, and the rest is history.


Shania Twain


A well-known country singer who has struggled to get where she was from a young age. Twain is a native Canadian who used to perform at local bars to get money for food. Her family continued to struggle with poverty all throughout her teens and early twenties. As her career seemed like it was going to take off, her parents passed away in a car accident, and Twain moved home to care for her siblings. Twain worked through her hardship and became a multi-dollar millionaire later on in life. She continues to perform today as a successful country singer.


Richard Branson


Richard Branson was never the smartest student in his class. Branson dropped out of school at a young age and geared his time towards other endeavors that interested him. Branson created a magazine and later, a record company called Virgin Records. Branson started the company with a loan and continued to have success in other ventures. Now, Branson has enough money to put towards anything that sparks his interest.