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Entrepreneurs may not appear to be much different than the average person. And in a lot of ways, they aren’t. But in order to be successful in a world of individuals who are all pushing to make their entrepreneurial pursuits a reality, there are certain entrepreneurs who stand out above the rest, who will actually turn their ideas into a functioning business. And of these entrepreneurs, there are qualities they possess at their very core that are quite different from the average person. It is these character and personality traits ingrained within them that provide them with a strong base in order to propel their ideas into successful endeavors.

Are you destined to be an entrepreneur?

Not everyone is destined to become an entrepreneur. It takes more than just great ideas and capital to fund those ideas to be a successful business owner. If one of your life goals is to one day own your own company, ask yourself: do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? If you ask yourself the following questions and can confidently agree that you possess these traits, you are already well on your way.

Are you a problem solver?

Every day, there will be new challenges that you will have to mitigate in order to keep your business functioning smoothly. If you can survive the pressure of resolving a high number of unpredictable issues, and are continuously looking for underlying problems to address before they become unmanageable, than you are equipped to handle the challenges of entrepreneurship.

Can you recognize areas where you need to improve?

Just because you are a confident person doesn’t mean that there aren’t areas that you can improve upon. If you are too prideful to admit that you have weaknesses, then you will not succeed as a business owner. There will be many times you will be forced to reassess and restrategize in order to keep up with the demands of your business. If you are unable to be honest with yourself and flexible enough to make those changes, you could run a company into the ground.

Could you delegate tasks to other employees?

You are bringing your ideas to fruition. You have a vision of how you want your company to be, as well as how you want it to run. It’s okay to put effort into ensuring that it mirrors your expectations, but you need to be able to delegate the smaller tasks to your other employees and let go of that control. You are the mind behind the company, and you also shoulder the majority of the responsibilities, which means that you need to be available to deal with the larger aspects of the business.

Is everything you do done with purpose?

Never do something for the sake of saying you did it. Think about why you are doing something and if it makes sense for your business. Trust your gut and if these decisions are made with purpose, it will be the driving force behind whether your small business succeeds or fails.