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Some leaders enjoy earning accomplishments and keeping all the credit for themselves. There are many different types of leadership styles. Your leadership style is dependent on what kind of person you are professionally. There are the generic, robust and loud leaders and then there are also leaders who practice what people call “quiet leadership”. 

Some people are timid and may keep their accomplishments under wraps. Does this character depict quiet leadership ? To distinguish if an individual possesses this kind of leadership, You will have to have an understanding of what ‘quiet’ leadership is.

Characteristics of quiet leadership:

It loves being at the background

This leadership never seeks attention for glory and recognition. Those who display this leadership love to be honored for what they do rather than how loud they are.

It may be quiet but fatal

Quiet leaders are usually low-profile individuals who are highly dedicated and work hard to accomplish important projects and obtain great results. When recognized, they appreciate the acknowledgment and proceed to the next projects on the queue.

It avoids loud boasting

Quiet leaders want their good work and results to speak out for themselves. Quiet leaders are action-oriented and never believe in bare words. In case of any accomplishment, they prefer to stay calm and wait for others to take note of their good work.

It may be confused with doing nothing

Many people tend to accuse quiet leaders of doing nothing due to their silence. This may at times be true especially in some instances when the situation becomes extremely quiet without any updates to the higher-ups from the leaders.

It may be defined as apathy

It’s critical for any individual to keep silent and personal about themselves and the things they care about. However, no one should be afraid of making any necessary changes and speak out publicly if need be. This helps the staff discover that you care about them and acknowledge whatever they are doing for the organization.

Quiet leadership is critical, but communication is the most vital aspect of any organization. It’s essential for leaders to distinguish when to make noise and when to keep quiet. This information helps you understand what a quiet leader is. Quiet leadership is however rare since many of our leaders are attention seekers.