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There are a ton of rewards programs out there on the market. But which ones are actually worth investing in? Instead of signing up for every rewards program that is offered to you, this list should help you narrow down some programs that are a must-have.




Target offers shoppers a Target debit card or otherwise known as a Target RED card. People who swear by shopping at Target will attest to the usefulness of the Target RED card. With the card, Target will give you fiver percent any purchases you make alongside free shipping from their website: You can pick up almost anything from Target for a good price. Consider investing in a Target RED card and enjoy the benefits that come along with it!


Office Depot


A great option for anyone who runs a business or is a teacher or requires a large number of office supplies. Office Depot offers their customers a rewards card that will give you ten percent back when you buy ink, toner, or paper from their store. Purchasing items from Office Depot will accumulate points on your rewards card. Once you reach one thousand points on your rewards card, you become eligible for a ten dollar gift certificate for any in-store purchase. They will also send you some savings on your birthday if you are enrolled in their rewards program!




An ideal rewards program for anyone who spends time fixing up their car. AutoZone offers a rewards program where after five visits to the store and over one hundred dollars spent will rewards you with twenty dollars to your rewards card. A twenty percent discount for a rewards program makes the AutoZone rewards programs one of the best on the market.




For the coffee lover in you, it is worth the investment to apply for the Starbucks rewards program. Every dollar spent at Starbucks you will receive two points towards your rewards program. Once you have collected a certain number of points, you will achieve the level of Gold status where you can utilize mobile payments and free refills in store. After that, every 125 points you accrue, you can exchange them for a free drink or food item. Starbucks will even send you a personalized message two days before your birthday which you can redeem for a free drink or food item. But be warned, the birthday coupon expires the day after your birthday.