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Of course, you want your business to grow quickly! All the signs are pointing to growth for your business. Business growth is exciting and helps validate your idea and all the hard work you have been putting into the business. Although, there is such a thing as rapid business growth hindering your business in the long run. This article will talk about some common signs of rapid business growth and how it can negatively affect your business.



Being focused on sales is not a bad thing for businesses. It is when the business is only focused on increasing sales that they will suffer in other aspects. While businesses should always keep sales in mind, it is equally important to focus on aspects of infrastructure and operations to continue tweaking your product and attract more customers.


High Demand

Rapid growth means rapid popularity for your business. The explosive new attention for your business means new customers. New customers means higher demand. This higher demand may be too much for businesses who experience rapid popularity in a short amount of time. Businesses who do not fill demand quickly enough will experience customer dissatisfaction which could lead to a bad reputation. This quick spike in popularity may be the sole reason for the quick spike in popularity as well. Be weary of your customer base and the promises you can make to your customers.


Hiring People

As your business grows, you will need to hire more people to help fulfill demand and keep your customers happy. One mistake businesses will make is hiring just about anyone. Hiring the wrong kind of people could dramatically affect your business growth in the long-run. Identify your business culture and seek out employees who replicate that culture. Take the time to full interview your applicants, so you avoid the mistake of hiring someone for the sake of filling a spot.


Losing Touch

With rapid growth comes rapid responsibility. As your business grows, make it a point to keep in contact with your customer base. A common mistake with rapid growing businesses is that their business culture becomes diluted and the customer no longer enjoys the experience of interacting with your business. Keeping your business culture consistent is essential in keeping long-term customers and ensuring steady growth throughout the life of your business.