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Thought leaders spend years creating innovative content. They are constantly exposed to a topic, willing to learn, and able to be repetitive in order to grow an audience. Many thought leaders say that creating a personal brand is at the core of getting to their level.

Personal Brand

Creating a personal brand is directly related to finding a niche. Riding a trending niche solely for the sake of popularity will be transparent to any audience. Credibility is important and relies on being authentic. Believing in the message and representing the brand with integrity builds trust with the audience, thus solidifying a thought leader as an authority on their chosen content.

Further solidifying yourself as an authority on a given topic will involve gaining experience. While researching a topic can be helpful, you’re most likely to gain knowledge about something through experience. Both of these elements go into developing credentials as a thought leader.

People expect thought leaders to be experts in their subject or field. As an expert, they are then expected to be promoting reputable content. As a result, repetition on the topic comes naturally because they’re authentically speaking on something they know.


Writing helps thought leaders develop their own voice, allowing them to produce innovative content. Many thought leaders publicize their voice and their writing through social media and blogging. Getting a response from readers helps to better understand their audience and fine-tune their niche. This process also allows for potential exposure to larger audiences through established publications, which are more likely to accept contributions when a broad portfolio of work is accessible.


Thought leaders network with experts in their chosen topic or field. One of the best ways to learn is to observe the methods used by the most successful social media brands and other thought leaders. A mentor is a great resource, especially for beginners who need guidance through this process. Activity on social media, as well as networking and interacting with a mentor, should be as consistent as having a job.

Anyone truly interested in being a thought leader needs to do more than just research it, they need to be dedicated and actually live their brand. Gain experience, represent a lifestyle and create content consistently. Focus combined with endurance will inevitably cause goals to be accomplished.